Frequently asked questions

For Parents

What is the best way to send a care package to my daughter or son?

Instead of worrying about a package getting held up at customs (or having your child pay a fee to retrieve said package -- which happens frequently) order a care package from Home Sweet Home that can be delivered directly to your child's doorstep! We have a range of packages but can also customize a package to create the best gift possible for your son or daughter! Take a look at our care packages under the services tab at the top of the page.

How long does it take to deliver a Home Sweet Home care package?

It depends on the care package but oftentimes our custom packages can be delivered within a day or two!

My son or daughter is studying abroad and having trouble adjusting, can you help?

Of course! We like to think of ourselves as the "mom-away-from-home" and are happy to checkup on students, help them with any practical things they might need, or even just be a shoulder to lean on when they study abroad. We know that as parents it can be stressful when your son or daughter is halfway across the world and sometimes it is helpful to have someone you trust helping them in person.

My son or daughter is sick or injured, can you help?

If it is a real emergency, it is best to contact emergency services. However, if they need less urgent help, we are happy to help them book a doctor's appointment, pick up their medication, or even bring them soup!

I can't find a service that I am looking for, what should I do?

Just because you can't find the service you are looking for on our website doesn't mean we can't help! Just ask us and we will help you find a solution!

For Students

I can't find the service that I am looking for, what should I do!

Just because you can't find the service you are looking for on our website doesn't mean we can't help! Just ask us and we will help you find a solution!

How can I book one of the Home Sweet Home services?

Please get in touch with us regarding ny questions you might have or if you want to book a service. If you don't see a specific service or item that you are looking for, just ask! We can usually find a solution!

I will be departing soon to study abroad, how much should I pack?

Each student is different, but we recommend sticking to just one carry-on and one checked bag. It might seem difficult to stick to those limits but you will feel a lot lighter when you travel. Plus, you will most likely make quite a few purchases while you are abroad so its always best to pack another bag in your bags (or purchase another suitcase once in Florence) and then maximum you have two checked bags and one carry-on for your return flight. At least that way you only end up paying for extra luggage on the way back!

What should I pack for living in Florence?

-The summers are hot hot hot and the winters are on the milder side (at least for you east coasters) so pack accordingly. -In the summer, make sure that you bring a light scarf for covering yourself if you go into any churches or religious sites. -If you will be here in the winter months, make sure to bring a versatile jacket that keeps you warm and can be worn for different occasions. Bring lots of layers that you can mix and match and add as the months get chillier. -Pack at least a set or two of workout clothes. You will want to work off all the pasta you indulge in! Plus, even if you aren't super athletic, chances are you will hike to cinque terre or up to piazzale michelangelo at least once. -Comfotable shoes are key! We all want to be stylish but you will regret those high heels once you sprain your ankle on the cobblestone streets! -A neck pillow for traveling is a must. You will also want to pack ear plugs as living in the center of the city can get loud! -Travel sized toiletry bottles will come in handy once you start traveling around Europe. -Most importantly, don't forget your passport! For a complete list of what to pack, check out our blog! Forgot to pack one of these things? Let us know and we can deliver right to your door!