Between customs, border controls and expensive shipping fees, it's a pain to send things to your child when they are studying abroad. That's why Home Sweet Home will arrange care packages for you! We create the special gifts and deliver them right to your child's door! 

Plus all of our care packs can be customized to fit your child's needs!

Get in touch today to order a care package! 

We know that it is tough to be away from your child for their birthday, and that they might get a little homesick being so far away from their family on their special day. So why not brighten up their day with a Birthday Care Package?


21st Birthday Deluxe Pack

The 21st birthday is a rite of passage in America. Since you cannot be with your child on their special day, be there in spirit with a Home Sweet Home birthday gift basket! 

Home Sick Cure

Studying abroad are some of the best months of your child's young life, but that doesn't mean that they don't miss you or home! Let you daughter or son know that you are thinking about them and cure their homesick blues! 

Cramming for Finals can be stressful.

Ease the stress for your daugher or son with our Stress Buster Pack!

Valentine's Day

Let your daughter or son know that they always have a Valentine in you! Surprise them with our Valentine's Day Care Package!


There's always a good reason to let your son or daughter know that you are thinking of them from afar and Easter is the perfect time to show them how much you miss them with our Easter Care Package!


Sometimes it is just nice to treat yourself! Plus with all the traveling your student is doing while abroad, they will certainly need a day to relax! Our Spa Care Package comes with everything needed for a spa day at home!

Italians get a lot of things right, but they don't know how to do breakfast like Americans. This kit includes everything needed to make a big proper American breakfast!

Give the gift of luxurious Florentine-made products with our Florentine Care Pack!

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It can be overwhelming moving to a new country a starting at a new school. Our Study Abroad Starter Kit comes with everything your daughter or son needs to begin their new semester, both at their new apartment and at their new school! 

Every study abroad student will get cravings for things that remind them of home. This Taste of Home Care Package goes all out with the hard-to-find American products that they are missing while abroad!

No one likes being sick when they are far from home. And everyone likes to have someone take care of them. Make sure your daughter or son is taken care of in they event that they get a cold or sick while abroad with our Get Well Care Package!

Make sure your daughter or son is getting all their vitamins in between the giant plates of pasta and glasses of wine that they will be drinking with our Health Nut Care Package!

Is your girlfriend studying abroad? Let her know that you think she's hot stuff by sending her our fun Hot Stuff Care Package!

Sometimes it's just nice to let your daughter or son know that you're thinking of them. Plus, who doesn't loves getting a package delivered? Our Just Because Care Package is the perfect excuse to do just that!

Everyone loves celebrating St. Patrick's Day - even when you aren't Irish!

Send your daughter or son our fun Pot O' Gold Care Package and let them enjoy all of the green treats their heart desires!

The days of your little daughter or son going to door-to-door in the neighborhood to trick-or-treat may be over, but that doesn't mean that they wouldn't appreciate our Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Care Package

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