• We do the dirty work so that you can enjoy Florence!

    2 hr

    50 euros

Learning to live and share space with new people in a foreign city can be a stressful situation. Take one problem off the table right off the bat and let Home Sweet Home handle the cleaning of your apartment.


Each of our cleaners are vetted by us so you know that you can trust the person in your home. 


Home Sweet Home will leave your apartment sparkling clean so that you don't have to worry about returning home from long trips to a mess your roommates left. 


No one wants to be scrubbing their bathroom down when they could be enjoying a glass of vino by the duomo! Home Sweet Home will clean for you!

Please note before booking:

Apartment cleanings vary in price depending on the size of the apartment but start at 50€. An official quote will be given in a confirmation email. 

The cleaner will come prepared with cleaning supplies, you will just need to provide a mop and bucket and a broom and dust pan or vacuum (which typically come with the apartment anyway).


 In order to confirm your booking we will contact you.

Until Home Sweet Home emails you to confirm date, time and price, your booking is not confirmed.


Booking online is merely a request for an appointment.